Somatic Self Care Club

SSC is now open until Monday!

Benefits of Somatic Self Care

  • Get out of your head and reconnect with your body, heart and authentic self
  • Practice creating safety in your body to switch off the anxiety alarm and come out of survival mode
  • Recognise - Increased consciousness
  • Regulate - Learning how to control your thoughts and feelings and regulate your nervous system
  • Release - Learning how to surrender and release energy fuelling anxiety and disconnection
  • More compassion for yourself = ability to receive love
  • Healthier relationships - with others but especially with yourself
  • Build your capacity to feel and trust your body, so your body doesn't have to activate anxiety or disconnect
  • Reshape your nervous system for connection, love and joy instead of protection
  • Access to my resources - The best somatic exercises that are simple to follow along in your own time
  • Live Co-regulation sessions available with me every 3-4 days
  • Keeps you accountable for those that find it hard to make time for themselves
  • More secure with your body and self

Monthly membership includes...

  • 8x Live co-regulation sessions a month
  • Access to my resources - The best somatic exercises that are simple to follow along in your own time
  • Private community where I will answer every question and support you along your journey
  • Opportunity for Free 121 sessions with myself or my students as part of your membership

Monthly BONUS

Each month one lucky member will win a 121 session with me and The Safe and Sound Protocol worth £350!

Live Sessions

Monday & Thursday 8-9pm BST/GMT on Zoom

If you can't make the sessions live the replay will be added after the session.


No one can see you or even know you're there, just watch me and follow along.

You'll notice an improvement in your nervous system from the very first month if you commit to regular practice and show up to the sessions.

Permanent change in your nervous system requires a good 6 months and then it needs maintaining.

You'll notice continued benefits as long as you remain. I have been running this for 3+ years now and have noticed a continued benefit over time from both myself and members.

You can cancel at any time.

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